About Us

Hospital Medicine – the way it should be™

We are dedicated to supporting our hospitalist and post-acute physicians in providing the very best quality care by partnering seamlessly with our partners. Physician founded, led, and managed, Sound Physicians has more than 1,800 hospitalist and post-acute physicians providing inpatient care to more than 180 hospitals and a growing number of post-acute care centers in 35 states across the U.S.

Physicians are at the heart of Sound Physicians’ success.

We recruit and retain the best doctors by creating a better career opportunity. Sound Physicians supports our physicians through manageable encounters, flexible schedules, and technology-driven processes that are designed by physicians to work for physicians. Through the SoundInstitute, we promote ongoing educational, professional and career development.

Sound Physicians’ first priority is improving overall satisfaction.

By integrating Sound Physicians’ proprietary core processes into each hospital site, we align with our partners to improve patient care, optimize clinical workflow, measurably increase efficiencies, and drive positive financial results. We use the real-time metrics from our communications and technology platform to continually track and evaluate our performance, report tangible results to our hospital partners, and provide targeted training to improve delivery of our services, all of which results in lower costs per case, shorter hospital stays, reduced readmissions, and better patient outcomes.

Hospital medicine is the fastest growing medical specialty in America with more than 30,000 hospitalist physicians practicing in more than fifty percent of hospitals today. Sound Physicians is committed to changing the face of inpatient medicine by driving improvements in quality while addressing the clinical, administrative, and fiscal challenges facing our nation’s healthcare delivery system in acute-care and skilled nursing facilities.

Our History

Sound Physicians was founded in 2001 by Robert Bessler, M.D. In clinical practice, Dr. Bessler saw first-hand significant unmet needs in reducing inefficiencies that faced the hospital’s approach to managing inpatient care. As a result, Bessler developed various clinical process methodologies, a proprietary physician training program and customized technology solutions, evaluating each in clinical practice. He worked closely with hospital administration and found that the approach provided objective methods to manage inpatient care that resulted in measurable improvements in quality, efficiency and financial performance. Since Sound Physicians established its first hospital partner relationship the organization grew through referrals from hospital administrators and hospitalist physicians.

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