Physician Advisors who are experts in rules and regulations related to observation and inpatient status provide a secondary, concurrent physician review of observation status cases and inpatient admissions utilizing InterQual or Milliman criteria, as appropriate.

Continual Support 24/7

Resonant’s medical necessity and clinical compliance management solution is delivered real time. You can rely on our Physician Advisors to coordinate reviews with your hospital’s medical staff leadership, the attending physician and hospital’s utilization review team 24 hours a day. Working across more than 70 hospitals today, Sound Physicians, the parent organization, has expertise in inpatient management.

End-to-End Assistance

Our Physicians Advisors conduct an analysis of the case and report our findings back to you. When requested, Resonant works with hospital partners to review commercial payor clinical denials and, when appropriate, will aid in appealing such denials by utlizing our clinical expertise. Our approach strives to hold payors accountable and reduce inappropriate denials on critical patient care services.

Engage Resonant

For an assessment of how Resonant Physician Advisory Services can help your business, email Jim Kodjababian or call 253-682-6020.